New Isuzu Panther Will Be Came

New Isuzu Panther Generation will be present after the reconstruction of the Isuzu business in Indonesia complete.At this time the process was taking place and was hoped for next month complete so as the company could be just announced, was like this it was stressed Johanes Nangoi, the president director PT Pantja Motor, ATPM Isuzu, during introduced redesign just Isuzu Panther, on Tuesday (1/4).The confirmation was the answer from the question why Isuzu Panther was still remaining with the long model, only experienced redesign just minor now the competitor already the substitute for the generation.
According to him apart from Isuzu Panther had an interest taken in him by the consumer because of his character that was strong, obstinate and agreed with the Indonesian condition -including the quality of the road and the material burnt-, the side principal was indicated also ‘playing’ to slow down the process of the regeneration.“Isuzu Japan was interested having more shares in PT Pantja Motor, ATPM Isuzu in Indonesia.”Because his achievement was good, his share became expensive.Then they think so that his share could be cheaper, said Mr Yo, the nickname of Johannes Nangoi Mr Yo mentioned that part of the method of Isuzu Japan negotiate.“At this time we were negotiate.”They wanted to buy more shares.Eventually the share composition of Isuzu Japan and Astra International will be the same, plus shareholders from the The new Isuzu Panther will came
Government, said Mr Yo.At this time shareholder’s composition was 65% of PT Astra International, 12,5% of Isuzu Japan, 12,5% of Itochu Japan and 10% Indonesian government.
The Isuzu sale in Indonesia continued to experience the growth.This year it was hoped achieved 22.000 units, increased by 3.500 units from last year that was recorded by 18.270 units (the Gaikindo Data).Isuzu cover 13% market share were trapped by him.From the number, Isuzu Panther continue to the main contributor, was sold by approximately 1000 units/the month.The export of PT Pantja Motor 2600 units per month to India, Malaysia and Philipine.Isuzu Panther was only produced in Indonesia.Apart from the attendance of the new Panther generation, will be hoped for eventually Isuzu also developed the basis of the production of the minor trade vehicle in Indonesia.
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